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Maryann Croce



Maryann’s Question or Topic

Maryann owns an automotive repair shop in Connecticut and currently has nine people on her team. But lately, she finds focusing on work a challenge due to everything they hear during the outbreak, even though they always have meetings and have taken precautionary measures to protect their employees. So Maryann asked Gary for tips on how she can help her team.

Gary’s Story and Advices

Unfortunately, Gary is also experiencing the same challenge as Maryann on his dad’s WineLibrary, where his employee’s friends and families are trying to convince them not to go into work, fearing they’ll acquire the virus. Gary even temporarily closed the store even though they’re allowed to open because he wants his employees to feel safe.

Gary told his employees that he is proud and happy that they’re open and capable of paying them and that they have the option to not go to work if they or their family is overly scared. But also, Gary is upfront with his employees that the business may not sustain itself for a long time. So if the employees don’t come to work, they can’t get paid. In Maryann’s case, if all nine employees are not coming, the company would need to be closed.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Quotes


“Being proud of your sector to your point is amazing.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk


“Don’t count on America.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk


“Positivity, optimism, practicality. You need all three for the right dynamic.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk


“When you don’t have practicality, and you only have positivity and optimism, then you have the potential to be POD (Positive, Optimism and Delusional), which leads to death.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk


“Leadership is about example.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk


“The world is virtual.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk

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