My name is Derek.

I am an entrepreneur and a fan of Gary Vee’s approach to life and business.

My first email to Gary was in 2010 when I read his book Crush It—I was surprised and honed to get a response from him—a testament to his all time gratitude.

I eventually lost touch with Gary . . . my fault, not his.

In Fall 2019, I found him again while looking for social media advice.

When COVID hit I felt lost and unmotivated.

Tea with Gary Vee helped me get through the loneliness and isolation with grace.

I listened to Tea With Gary via audio while shooting hoops in my backyard. I found myself wanting to connect with various people or just re-listen to someone’s story. I figured others wanted the same thing, so I created this site and curated the content in a logical and easily searchable manner.

This is my gift back to Gary Vee and the community of people in his orbit.

Let’s work together and spread empathy and kindness.

Derek D.

P.S. Please see the contact page for any revisions or changes. We are here to serve you with kindness and empathy.