04.06.20 | Timestamp @21:16 | 2 Hours of Advice For Everyone in Hard Times


Chris Turcotte



Chris’s Question or Topic

Chris is the company president of two national brands in Canada. About 7 to 8 years ago, Gary featured his tiny little office and talked about documenting. He wants to know about the advice Gary can give to leaders to keep the synergy and morale of the team.

Gary’s Story and Advices

Communication and clarity. Literally, at 11 o’clock, Gary goes on with a 20 person call with 20 leaders of his company and gives them an update of what he sees during the week. And then, by the next hours, he would address the entire organization on a live stream for 30 minutes by telling them the truth. He gives them lots of optimism and opportunity as well as unsettling lack of data. According to Gary, when one doesn’t have sufficient information, one can’t make big decisions so Gary has to find the balance of inspiration and transparency, which is very difficult because most people will not hear the inspiration. They will hear the fear.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Quotes


“When you don’t have good information, it’s hard to make good decisions.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk


“If you’re great, you’re fine. If you’re contributing, you’re fine.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk


“No matter how frugal you are, no matter how CFO-driven you are, there’s always an opportunity to cut more costs, always.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk

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