04.05.20 | Timestamp @5:50 | Going Live and Answering Questions


Annalee Robbins



Leslie’s Question or Topic

Annalee is a product designer. She’s looking at setting up her company, focusing on gifts and novelty products. But she doesn’t know if she should separate a business account from her particular social media accounts and blogs.

Gary’s Story and Advices

Annalee should post out things about her business on her personal profile but not make everything all about her business. She should do the same strategy Gary did wherein once in a while, he would insert and promote his dad’s WineText business on his personal profile.

On using Annalee’s existing blog to promote her product:

Annalee can sell in that world because there is a very close correlation. It’s always about jabs and right hooks. There is nothing wrong with asking with business, only manipulating people into buying sh*t.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Quotes


“It’s about jabs and right hooks.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk


“There’s nothing wrong with asking with business. What’s wrong is manipulating people into buying sh*t.”
~ Gary Vaynerchuk


“As long as you’re comfortable politely asking and dealing with however many you get, then you’ll be super fine.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk

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