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Malvika Shankar



Malvika’s Question or Topic

Malvika is from India but is currently in Virginia as she did her undergrad there. Her visa is about to end in September, and her plan once she goes back to India is to help her aunt on her fashion business. However, other people, especially her father is worried and advises her to work for a big company and acquire exposure instead.

Gary’s Story and Advices

Gary has a lot of empathy, compassion, and respect for Malvika’s dad. Malvika’s father loves her and wants to protect her that is why she wants her to join a big company as he thinks that is the safer route.

However, since Malvika is very passionate about helping his aunt’s fashion business, she should follow what she wants. She can work there for a couple of years and if there’s a chance that it won’t work out, she can then join a big company at that point. She will be able to learn a lot of things while helping her aunt’s business so the time she will spend there will not be for nothing. What’s important right now is for Malvika to follow what her heart wants because if she follows what her father wants her to do, she will just end up resenting him.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Quotes


“You’re gonna learn so much more in a small entrepreneurial business than you’ll ever learn in a big corporation.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk


“Big companies are always interested in hiring because they make profit by having more people if they know how to run their business.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk


“I have so much empathy and compassion for parents.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk


“Money is not happiness. Happiness is happiness.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk


“Always chase happiness, especially the youth.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk

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