04.27.20 | Timestamp @42:44 | 10 Tactics to Improve Your Situation in Quarantine





Karena’s Question or Topic

Karena is a mom of a thirteen-year-old child and wants to give the best experience for her kid. Karena exposed her to different environments and helped engage in various activities. Now that they are in quarantine, Karena is looking for other ways to keep her child open for opportunities.

Gary’s Story and Advices

Hosting virtual Zooms around topics, and being the conductor and orchestrator of it would be a fantastic idea to try on. The challenge of finding a subject matter, of seeking people to come and join it, and then the tests of managing 25 people on a Zoom call is an incredible producer skill that can be valuable for the kid.

She can either pick one of the two options, by her learning about it. So she’s kind of like the naive rookie with a bunch of people that do know about it, or something she feels confident about.

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