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Megan Kwasniak



Megan’s Question or Topic

Megan is an Emergency Room Physician and photographer. She has been taking travel photos since high school. She started her blog three years ago and reached success after two years. When COVID-19 broke out, Megan began to document her journey as a frontline ER physician and drew a lot of positive attention to many people. And now, she is figuring out how to reach out to people further by providing more value to them.

Gary’s Story and Advices

The work itself is the value. It depends on who you are reaching out to for what. 

When you are more welcome to contact people you admire and wanna do business with, you say Hey, I want to do some photography for free, let me know you are interested. Check out my profile for work. That’s an immediate value you are bringing.

The appreciation level for doctors and nurses will never be the same for the next twenty years. There’s so much collective gratitude for men, women, and the heroes who are in the frontline of this enormously complicated pandemic. Because of that, it even gives you more permission to keep going with what you are doing.

Also, you have to post your work everywhere and not just Instagram. If you have your Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook account, publish it there. Make collages with popular songs on TikTok. You have to put yourself into a position the same way the people are reaching to you right now after creating a small exposure base. And it might give you the leverage to do it forever. Strike this time since this (COVID-19) is the highest emotion between those photos. You also don’t need to choose your best one. Every piece of content goes out. The photo you might think is Monday may be the picture that changes your life.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Quotes


“Saying no for the audience is the greatest mistake the creators make. It’s their own insecurities manifesting.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk

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