04.20.20 | Timestamp @23:39 | When You Hold Onto the Past You Hold Yourself Back From a Happier Future


Brendan Zhang


@bzanger3 (Twitter)

Brendan’s Question or Topic

Brendan discovered Gary about two or three years ago when he was in high school. And he’s always loved Gary’s energy, enthusiasm, passion and approach to life. He is passionate about basketball, and he was able to bring value to sports personalities over time. Now that he is gaining initial success via Instagram DM’s, Brendan wants to know what to do next.

Gary’s Story and Advices

Brendan is in the culture and knows what is happening exactly. So he should keep networking, bringing value, and being patient. He also has to make content for people and put out good karma. But at the moment, Brendan should not go in for any ask or kill. 

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Quotes


“You don’t get. You give. You give, you give, you give.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk


“Yo, what can I do for you? I’m hungry.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk


“People want to give what they want to give, which is not providing. It’s 99% of the time manipulation.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk

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